Allytech - Aluminium & Steel Products Townsville
If you’ve just bought a new ute or truck and need to make some modifications or if you are in business and you need to equip your fleet properly then you need the expert services of our locally owned Vehicle body fabrication workshop

Providing Townsville’s most valuable design, fabrication and engineering needs to the general public & surrounding areas of our northern communities.

We also provide fabrication and modification services to all levels of government, to all facets of the trucking industries, mining companies, farming, agricultural and primary cattle producers.

Allytech have, over the years, forged strong working relationship within the Townsville & surrounding areas and our local truck, automotive and marine dealers providing quality design, fabrication and engineering services.

A professional service right here in Townsville covering all aspects of ute trays and canopies for any vehicle, any manufacturer. Specialising, locally, in all truck, ute and even marine modifications and fabrications.


At Allytech, all of our heavy duty, custom built, high quality aluminium and steel products and services are designed AND built to last
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Established and managed here in Townsville, Allytech have the professional team to ensure that all your vehicle, truck and marine engineering fabrication needs are fully covered expertly and designed fabricated in a speedy and cost-efficient manner.

Address: 25 Tarzan Street Mount St. John
Mailing: P.O. Box 707 Deeragun Queensland. 4818
Phone: Jamie 0427 859 496 Chris 0412 966 120


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